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Asian lucky draw champion

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Author: Feliks Zemdegs

After performing quite badly throughout the Asian Championship 2010, Jihan Khalilurrahman was feeling quite tired, and not very happy. After posting a video of a sub 10 average of 5 on youtube 1 week prior to the competition, great things were expected from him, but he didn’t make the final, and achieved a 14, and a 15 as his 2 averages.  After the winning ceremony, a special “lucky draw”, was to occur, with 2 random drawings of  US $500. The first prize was announced, and it was awarded to Asia Konvittayayotin.

Before the draw, he and I joked around, saying the only thing he could win was the lucky draw. But, the second winner was announced, and we began packing up. However, they did not come forward to accept their prize. Another person was called, and the same thing happened again. The third and final time, a name was pulled out, and it was announced that it was an Indonesian. We started to get a bit excited, and then it was announced. “Muhammad Jihan Khalilurrahman”. The Indonesian table went pretty crazy, and Jihan and I simply marvelled at the coincidence.

But yeah, it was pretty epic.


Written by macky

December 3, 2010 at 3:24 pm